I have been making music and DJing since 1996. I started off just having fun but by 2000 I was making remixes for major labels.  I worked with artists management and record labels in the UK and the US. After that I worked with a singer and we released an album called 'Before we breathe'  under the name 'Ki'. I then released some tracks as Butcherd Beats, one (a colaboration with 'The Soul Avengerz) went to number 3 on Beatport (one of the most popular DJ download sites at the time).  I then worked for a London Publishing house making tracks for the far east. In 2010 I decided to take a break and focus on my health, it was then I fell into nutrition and health and started studying.


In 2014 I decided to release some tracks that I had written in 2009, I didn't want them sitting on the shelf forever so I made a big effort to finish them and I released an album in 2014 called 'The Trumpet Shall Sound'. This album was released on my new alias: I AM ISAAC. I felt that since I started in life I had been going through a metamorphosis in many ways. In the past I had been called 'Izzy' for short and 'DJ Izzy B' as a DJ, both these names sounded wrong now, even childish and not me anymore. I had done a lot of growing up and wanted to be identified as my real name. So now most of my music is released under 'I AM ISAAC' with the exception of a few tracks which are rather different and released under 'Butcherd Beats'. 

I still work in the music industry, I offer mixing and mastering services and I still write and produce my own music. After a long  break to focus on Nutrition studies I'm back writing new music. In 2020 a new creative flow began which hasn't stopped, I've written a load of new songs and also completed many old songs. You can help support me as a musician/artist by buying tracks directly from me on my 'STORE' page. You can also find me on most other music download websites and streaming services.


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