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Handy Kitchen Tools

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The following tools are what we use to help make our recipes, there are plenty of alternative options to these, but we hope you find this useful when considering purchasing kitchen equipment. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made from the links I provide.

3 Tier Folding Cooling Rack -

Baking Stone -

Dough scraper/cutter (Stainless Steel) -

Dough scraper/cutter x 2 (Plastic, flexible) -

Food Storage Boxes (400ml) -

Food Storage Boxes (750ml) -

Food Storage Boxes (1200ml) -

Food Storage Boxes (2500ml) -

Food Thermometer -

Iron Pancake Pan -

Iron Skillet (Large) -

Iron Skillet (Small) -

Kettle (Stainless Steel Interior + Temperature Control) -

Kitchen Food Waste Bags (biodegradable) -

Kitchen Timer -

Magnetic Measuring Spoons (9 set) -

Mesh Strainer (Stainless Steel, Reinforced) -

Microplane Zester/Grater -

Pressure Cooker (8l, 24cm) -

Pressure Cooker (6l, 24cm) -

Salad Spinner -

Serving Spoons (Stainless Steel, Strong!) -

Silicone Spatula (28cm) -

Stainless Steel Turner Spatula -

Stock Pot (Large Stainless Steel,14l) -

Vegetable peeler -

Vitamix Blender -

Vitamix Blender Alternative -

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