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This page is to support those on plans we have created or have bought our recipes and

would like to know more about the nutritional values of the created meals.  Please scroll

down to find your plan or recipes. We hope to complete most of the recipes here by April 2020!

Imagine Your Life RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowances)

In short, our RDA’s are UK focused and whilst influenced by them they do not fall under a global, national or governmental authority.

They also differ from many nutritional apps and websites. We found variations in apps and websites which can be misleading, from weight of

volume measurements of ingredients to RDAs from other countries which in our view do not represent the best science.

Different countries do recommend different RDAs and our RDAs are based on UK adult recommendations.

Where there is a gender difference we have gone with the slightly higher amount except for Iron which varies considerably and is explained below

We have also suggested RDAs for Choline and Manganese as the UK does not or did not at the time of writing recommend a specific RDA.

We feel these two suggested RDAs reflect peer reviewed studies but may not always apply to everyone depending on individual circumstance.


Choline: The UK does not currently recommend an RDA for Choline. The European Food Safety Authority recommends 400mg for adults and based on available data we also think that 400mg is a good aim.


Manganese: The UK does not currently recommend an RDA for Manganese. The World Health Organisation suggests a minimum of 2.5mg per day, the USA recommends 2.3mg. We recommend  mg as a good goal.


Iron:  Different amounts are required for different life stages in women. Our RDA is the UK recommendation of 8.7mg (male adults & non-menstruating women). For menstruating women (11-50yrs) they need 14.8mg, if this applies to you then aim to increase iron RDA to 170%. 100% plant-based athletes may also wish to increase iron intake to a similar amount due to compounds which exist mostly in plant foods which can inhibit iron absorption and also due to the fact that plant-based (non-haem) iron is less bio-available than animal (haem) iron. If in doubt we recommend you ask your GP for a blood test.


Fibre: The UK recommends 30g per day. Current average intake is estimated to be around 20g. When we look back to our Palaeolithic ancestors and/or we study traditional cultures with extreme longevity and rarity of disease it is proposed that they eat more than 90g fibre per day. Some of our recipes contain ~30g fibre in 1 portion! We have set our target at 75g.

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