Thank you so much for supporting our mission in Bolivia. Whether you want to set-up a standing order or make a one off donation, please read the following. 


There are two options, if you want to give specifically to the mission we would encourage you to give via the church as they are able to claim Gift Aid which increases donations by 25%. However if you want to give a personal gift to the family then you may wish to choose option 2.

Option 1 - Give via our church and claim Gift Aid.

Cornerstone City Church is a registered charity and limited company and is giving us oversight.

They have a separate account set-up for us and can claim gift aid increasing your donation by 25p for every £1.

Option 2 - Give directly to the Butchers

Some have asked for an option to give personally and directly to the Butcher family.

This is also the correct option if you do not live or pay tax in the UK, details for international gifts are provided.

However, because Mission Bolivia is a charitable project we are hoping the bulk of giving will go through option 1. 

Each year we will publish a financial report detailing all donations and how they have been used.

We won't use anyone personal information in this report, just amounts and dates. These reports will be published via email and also be available online. If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter and yearly accounts please click the link below and send us a message.