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rising levels and it's not the yeast...

· <Two-thirds of bread is contaminated with pesticides with the most frequently found residues being Glyphosate, Chlormequat, Malathion.

· Between 2006 and 2013 the number of breads that tested positive for multiple residues has more than doubled.

· The average amount of non-organic bread contaminated with pesticide residues rose from ~28% in 2001 to ~63% in 2013



  • Previously promoted as a safe product that can be detoxified by the body.

  • New evidence shows bio-accumulation in the body.

  • It has been linked to neurological disease as well as cancer, kidney disease and birth defects

  • It can be passed via breast milk to babies.

  • It may hamper or prevent the body’s ability to detoxify other substances.

  • It may contribute towards the development of ADHD and other similar disorders

  • In animals in can cause genetic and immune system damage.


  • A neurotoxin that can inhibit cholinesterase – an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters. Cholinesterase inhibitors at low levels can cause watery eyes and excess production of saliva and muscle spasms followed by death. An example of this is a snake bite containing certain venom, or nerve gas.

  • Possibly carcinogenic (more research is needed)

  • Possible endocrine disrupter (more research is needed). Endocrine disruptors can affect the endocrine/hormonal system, reproductive system, neurological system, immune system and produce detrimental developmental effects.

  • Often used in public recreation areas, landscaping and pest control programs including mosquito eradication.


  • Causes developmental toxicity in animal studies

  • There is a need for research studies to investigate if this also occurs in humans


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